Sanctuari Yoga and Meditation Workshops

The Art of Breath- July 18th

Do you have a shallow Breath? Do you have mild or severe asthma ? Do you ever experience hyperventilation? Do you ever experience stress, anxiety or depression? Trouble sleeping?  Do you want to improve your breathing in stressful environments or situations?

If you answered Yes to any of the questions above then this 2 part workshop is for you!

The Art of Breath PT 1- Introduction to breathing for every day life 600-730pm

The goal of this workshop is to successfully learn and integrate Diaphragmatic Breathing into everyday experiences. We will also explore the Bandhas (Locks) of the body and practice the basic breathing techniques know as Pranayama’s.

The Art of Breath PT 2 – Integrating breath into practice 800-930pm

The goal of this workshop is to deepen your understanding of Diaphragmatic breathing and the Ujjayi Breath (Pranayama) by applying and integrating them into basic Yoga postures and Yoga flows. This workshop gives you the ability to find your own rhythm within your daily practices. (Students are required to take pt 1 before participating)

$35 pt1 or pt2 $60 for both/

Arm Balance and Inversions July 28th 700-830pm

In this workshop you will learn the fundementals of arm balancing and inverted postures while learning tips and tricks to condition the body to attempt these challenging poses. Suggested intermediate to advanced students.


Transcendental Meditation -August 1st 600-730pm

In this workshop Brad will guide you through an in-depth look at TM or Transcendental Meditation. TM is an ancient yet simple form of Meditation and is still one of the most widely used technique of Meditation in the world. If you are a beginners looking to start or an advanced practitioners looking to increase the depth of your practice this is a great workshop for you.


Mantra Mudra Meditation-Friday August 11th 700-830pm

Harmonize the Chakra’s( bodies energy centres) by exploring and practicing Mantra’s(chants) and Mudra’s(hand gestures) with the associating Chakra. Harnessing both Mantra’s and Mudra’s has a powerful effect on the human nervous system and immune system. While giving the space and discipline to clear mind.


Yoga 101- Tuesday August 15th 600-730pm

Take an in depth look at Yoga from a traditional and modern approach. Learn everything from when to practice, what poses to use at what time, what body type(dosha) you are, what a yoga diet looks like and much more. This workshop will give you a fresh look on the word and meaning of Yoga. If you have never practice or have little experience with yoga this workshop will create a a strong foundation for you to start and get maximum benefit on and off your mat.


Posture and Alignment Fundamentals -Tuesday August 29th 600-730pm

The goal of this workshop is to develop maximum benefit and efficiency of basic postures by correcting the alignment and structure of these postures. This is a perfect workshops for beginner to intermediate students as it will re-align and re-structure the foundation of your postures and cultivate a strong routine for you to increase results out of every practice.


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