Yoga/Movement & Mindfulness Retreat

Classes and Workshops with Brad Terrell during his Retreat at Costa Dulce April 4th-11th

Morning Yoga Class 745 am to 900 am

Daily 1hr 15 mins Morning Class that includes Vinyasa Yoga, Breathing and Mindfulness/ Meditation Techniques

Beach Movement & Mobility Class 1130 am to 1230 pm

Daily 1hr Beach Movement and Mobility Class is my staple style of movement, incorporating drills to increase range of motion, functional movement workouts and mobility to strengthen your stretch, build or reconstruct the way you move and the way your joints operate and move as a whole.

Afternoon Workshop 330 pm to 530 pm

Afternoon workshop are a 2 hour focus on 1 subject such as arm balancing, inversions(handstands), spinal mobility, backbends, hip mobility and splits.

Morning Yoga $25 USD Per Person

Beach Classes $25 USD Per Person

Workshops $50.00 USD Per Person

Participate for the day ( 2 classes + workshops) $90.00 USD Per Person

Participate for the Week $500.00 USD Per Person