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Harness Your Fire – Costa Rica Yoga and Movement Retreat December 11th-18th 2019

I am so thrilled to be hosting my very first yoga and movement Retreat in Playa Grande, Costa Rica and I would love for you to be part of it!

Find out more and Sign Up Here

Dates: December 11th-18th 2019

Single Standard Room, 7 nights accommodation, 3 meals a day, airport transfer from $2150.00

Harness your fire- In this much awaited retreat I will guide and teach you how to access and harness your fire, your intuitive and creative powers through traditional yoga asanas, movement and mobility as well as mindfulness and meditation.

I will challenge your body and mind at your own level. So don’t wait for the new year to start fresh, go into holiday season and the new year feeling rested and rejuvenated!

Hope to see you under the Costa Rican moonlight!

Find out more and Sign Up here

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Nicaragua Yoga Retreat APRIL 4TH-11TH 2020

Nicaragua Yoga Retreat

With Brad Terrell

April 4th-11th 2020


Playa Escameca, Nicaragua

Costa Dulce Resort


  • 2 Yoga Classes/Workshops Daily
  • 7 nights at Costa Dulce Resort
  • 1 hour massage
  • Surf Clinic Workshop
  • Traditional Temazcal
  • Jungle and Water Fall Hike 
  • San Juan Del Sur Day Tour 
  • Airport transfer to/from resort



Begin your morning with a light pre-yoga breakfast with homemade granola, fresh fruit, coffee or tea.

Followed by breathing, meditation and morning yoga and movement classes. 

Enjoy a healthy and delicious post-yoga breakfast with vegan or vegetarian options.


Daily activities

  • Surf Clinic Workshop
  • Jungle and Water Fall Hike
  • Town trip to San Juan del Sur
  • Traditional Temazcal (Steam room )

Locally grown fresh lunches with vegan or vegetarian options.


Free time to relax, explore or enjoy the beach.

Yoga/Movement Workshops.

All together fully-inclusive dinner with vegan or vegetarian options. 

On the last night, bonfire closing ceremony.

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Backbends / Yoga Tree

Join Vanessa and Brad as they guide you through the art of backbends in a safe and positive environment. This workshop will combine a heart opening flow to warm up the body, with a look at the anatomy in relation to backbends. Focusing on key front-body and hip opening postures, as well as spinal techniques to increase the mobility and strength of your spine. Within each highlighted pose, there will be accessible variations to work on, as well as prepping and positioning yourself for more intensive backbends. This workshop will offer you the tools to not only deepen your backbends but to maintain a healthy spine as your backbend practice continues to grow, giving you the confidence to journey into backbends on your own safely and fearlessly!
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HANDSTAND Fundementals- Saturday October 13th 2018 AT MY STUDIO B Barrie,ON

Conquer fear with knowledge. Learn what may be holding you back from finding balance and gain confidence as you take your practice upside-down. Learn how to fine tune your awareness and harness strength, alignment and mobility to move toward a handstand.
Whether you are a beginner or advanced balancer you will learn lots of useful tools to find balance and stability while inverted. Whether you are looking to find your first handstand or are seeking to press into handstand this workshop is for you.


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Resilient Spine September 22th 1230-230pm at MYOGA Sudbury, ON

Resilient Spine

Give vitality to the spine! Learn its secrets and its functionality as you journey through spinal mobility conditioning as well as hip and heart openers to awaken the integrity of the spine. You will look at how to safely perform backbends and inversions while focusing on proper alignment and proper entry and exit of these challenging postures. You will explore where your spine lies: between the balance of stability and flexibility. This will help you deepen your understanding of the spine and it’s uniqueness. This workshop will offer you a variety of tools and insights for an ever-lasting spinal strength and resilience. Open to all levels

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Join me April 7th at Myoga Sudbury (Southend) 1-3pm for a Intro to Handstand workshop!

This workshop will guide you through the art and practice of handstands and it’s many variations.  You will immerse yourself into several warm up drills and flows to prep the body while learning proper alignment as well as how to enter and fall out of a handstand.  This workshop acts as a great foundation for a handstand practice!

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Mind To Body Yoga and Fitness Workshops and Classes December 2nd

Join me December 2nd at Mind To Body Yoga and Fitness in Mississauga, Ontario

Chi Flow 10:00-11:30am

Ignite your Prana(Chi- Life force), in the this mixed Vinyassa/Tai Chi and mixed movement arts practice. Move your body in a slow rhythmic pase to improve concentration, core strength, balance, and mobility.

Primitive Movements 12:00-1:30pm

A masterclass of movement, art, animal locomotion and yoga.  This workshop brings your flow to a whole new level while exploring the world off the mat with challenging yet fun sequences and transitions of primal animal movements, arm balancing and inversions that increase overall mobility, strength and technique.

Restorative Flow 4:00-5:30pm

Flow at a soft restorative pace to wake up the spine by easing through side bends, back and forward bends, hip openers and twist.


For more details and to book online check out Mind To Body Yoga and Fitness